100 pounds removed - Forever!
Occupation:Law Office Manager
Starting Weight:297
Ending Weight Weight:197
Total Inches Lost:36

~Carolyn’s Story~

Thanksgiving weekend 2018, has come and gone and I can’t help but reflect upon the multitude of changes in my life since Thanksgiving, 2017.  I first met with Jan at LivWellness in November, 2017, just before Thanksgiving and I was intrigued by the program, but very hesitant because I just “couldn’t” consider giving up all of my “regular” foods and things during the holidays.  I said I would circle back with her after the new year in the spring and see how I was getting along on my own.  I started getting active in March, 2017 and had a goal of losing 100 pounds.  I was able to lose about 50 pounds on my own through exercise and changing my diet a little bit, but had essentially stalled out in March, 2018 and reached out to Jan again…. I was finally ready to take the plunge.  I signed up for the full meal deal (no pun intended); the cleanse, nutritional coaching, and meal planning.  I truly had no idea what a transformative experience working with Jan would be.
Doing the cleanse was something so far outside my comfort zone it may as well have been in outer space. For me, it took a lot of bravery and blind faith that trying something like this would potentially get me closer to my goal.  And now on the other side of this, I can say wholeheartedly that it was the best chance I ever took! Among other things, I learned that I had far more mental toughness than I gave myself credit for and also how pervasive food imagery and pressures are in our lives… not eating solid food for three days will really make you hyper aware of the constant pressure to eat!  To be very honest, the cleanse is not something to take on half-heartedly, but if you are ready to make real, lasting change, it will 100% jump start you on the path to a healthier life.
Following the three day liquid cleanse, I started one of Jan’s custom meal plans, going dairy and gluten free.  This was another huge leap of faith because I had always been someone who said I could “never” give up my cheese/milk/half and half/bread, etc.  Something urged me onward though, and I decided to see what would happen if I changed that internal dialogue from “can’t” to “can”.  Jan was integral in supporting me through the early days of this change.  More than the physical challenge of changing my diet drastically, the psychological challenge of sticking to the plan, not reaching for my trouble foods (cheese, fast food, etc.), and staying positive was the hardest.  I told Jan that I basically had the taste-buds of a 5 year old and disdained all vegetables, especially the green ones.  Jan was supportive, never judgmental, and responded so quickly to my questions and texts.  While it felt very overwhelming at the outset to have completely changed my diet so drastically, it was manageable because I knew I had someone in my corner to cheer me on and hold me accountable.  If you are a person who needs some hand-holding, working with Jan is the best thing you could do for yourself!  No shame in needing that accountability!
From April, 2018-October, 2018, I consistently checked in with Jan, weighing in and doing measurements every other week.  To my astonishment… eating vegetables and cutting out dairy and other processed foods completely changed my body! It’s like everything you’ve ever read in a magazine or been taught in health class about eating clean and healthy ACTUALLY works! But there was NO way I would believe it until I had literally proven it to myself by just doing it, instead of wishing it.  I also had no idea how badly dairy and other processed foods had been making me feel until I removed them from my diet…the change was dramatic! My new normal was amazing.  I lost inches upon inches, pounds started melting off, I felt amazing, my skin was amazing, I was rocking my workouts, and gaining the confidence I never thought I would find again.  My focus changed from counting calories to caring about the actual nutritional value of what I was consuming.  It was so freeing! In July, 2018 I finally started to believe that I might actually be able to reach my 100 pound goal in 2018.  Jan helped me navigate vacations, weddings, birthdays, and all sorts of other social events and situations that would potentially derail me from my goals and progress. Focusing on fueling my body with the best nutrition possible was such a shift; instead of eating in a restrictive way that left me resentful of what I wasn’t eating, I was eating to thrive.  Again, the nutritional coaching and accountability Jan provides was an absolute game-changer!
Just before Thanksgiving, 2018, I finally reached my 100 pound weight loss goal.  To say that I was emotional is an understatement.  I can confidently say though, that without Jan and the services LivWellness provides I would not have reached my goal nearly as fast, if at all.  Looking back on the last year, I can truly see that allowing myself to be open-minded and trying something outside my comfort zone was exactly what I needed to reach my goals.
Using these services was life changing for my emotional, physical, and mental well-being. I highly recommend LivWellness to anyone who is looking to make lasting change.  Thank you Jan!