Liv Wellness - “Your journey to optimal health starts here with nutrition strategies, workout routines, stress management & individual support.” — Jan Johansen

LIV Wellness was inspired by the personal wellness journey of owner and head coach, Jan Johansen.

We promote a lifestyle of holistic nutrition, stress management, and intentional movement to help our clients achieve optimal health. We empower our clients to take control of their own wellness journey and make choices and decisions that are in line with their health goals. Harnessing the healing and energizing power of whole, nutritious foods to achieve optimal weight and physical balance is our specialty. Your health is your wealth; entrust your investment to LIV.

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Jan Johansen is an Intensive Lifestyle Trainer and Nutrition Educator. Her passion is helping others on their journey to optimal health and wellbeing. Jan founded LIV Wellness in 2012 and is the creator of the LIV Lifestyle. Intensive lifestyle training emphasizes nutrition education and achieving balance in both body and mind to achieve optimal health. Jan has an outstanding record of success in helping thousands of people make lasting lifestyle changes. Jan combined a long-term background in business, certifications in Holistic Nutrition, Personal Training, and Integrative Health with her natural gift with food and recipe creation to found LIV Wellness and the LIV Lifestyle. Jan’s services are tailored to each individual and their specific needs and goals providing an unparalleled level of support for her clients.

“As your nutrition coach, it’s important for you to know that I began my personal journey to wellness as most standard Americans do; I was working a high stress job, eating food that was causing all kinds of health issues, and drinking way too much caffeine and alcohol. One day, I had an Aha! moment, and realized I needed a major change. I made a commitment to myself to make a complete lifestyle change with the goal of reaching optimal health and wellbeing. I immersed myself in research, taking a holistic approach to my lifestyle with the ultimate goal of a lasting lifelong impact. After losing 70 lbs, feeling lighter and younger than I did in my 20’s, I know that I am truly the healthiest that I can be. My life’s mission is to help other people achieve the same success. I believe passionately in the LIV Lifestyle and know it can help you to reach optimal health for a lifetime!”

— Jan

Tayler Herman

Tayler joined LIV Wellness as a client in 2020. She found that the LIV Lifestyle was so successful in her health transformation of removing 60 pounds, and overcoming symptoms of PCOS, that she became a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Tayler quickly realized that the key to the success on her path to longevity and optimal health was support and accountability. She wanted to inspire and lead others on their health journey, just like Jan did with her.

Tayler’s passion for overall health, physical movement, and service based leadership have become pillars to her roles as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Each client’s needs are unique and that is Tayler’s approach to personal training and nutrition. Every workout and nutrition plan is custom created to the goals of each individual.