Working with Jan changed my life! Jan’s coaching and meal plans were the secret formula that propelled me toward a huge weight loss goal of 100 lbs in 2018. One of the best parts of the services at LIV Wellness is learning about how eating whole foods and reducing toxicity in your system can help you feel and look amazing. I had to live it to believe it!

In 2019, I became pregnant with my son and throughout my pregnancy Jan was a constant resource for me as I tried to maintain healthy habits.

Flash forward to being postpartum and COVID hitting at the same time last spring… understandably, I fell back into many old habits with my nutrition. Jan to the rescue! We reconnected last fall and I am so grateful for Jan’s patience and guidance as I am finally able to prioritize my health again. Achieving balance as a busy mom isn’t easy, but the support of Jan and the LIV lifestyle make it possible.

— Carolyn