It has been a pleasure working with Jan on my health journey! Before I starting meeting with her I was feeling tired, low in energy, bloated, and having muscle & joint pain as my main issues. I had guessed that I may have some food sensitivities, but I was unsure how to test this theory & get feeling better.

I’m a big advocate for healing naturally & Jan was on the same page for healing from the inside out.

Through my time at LIV Wellness I went through a 3-day cleanse treatment. It was challenging, but totally worth it & made me feel great. Then we worked on creating a nutrition plan full of healthy well-balanced meals & snacks. Jan encouraged me to have a food sensitivity test done. I ended up seeing a great Naturopathic physician (recommended by Jan) to do the testing & help with some other issues I was facing. From there Jan was able to tweak my Nutrition plan & detect what foods I was most sensitive.

Jan has an amazing wealth of knowledge in holistic nutrition. I have learned so much during this process. I have improved my overall health by avoiding inflammatory foods, taking supplements, eating more well balanced meals, & regular exercise. If you are willing to make the changes & put in the effort, change can happen. I’m certainly far from perfect & plan to continue working on my health as a lifetime goal. Knowing I have Jan at LIV Wellness as a resource, support system, mentor, & friend is truly an asset to this lifelong goal!

— Sheena