Working with Jan has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I remember during our first meet and greet I told Jan after struggling with weight loss for years stating “you are my last hope”. It definitely brought tears to my eyes but Jan was supportive then and everyday since.

Jan always makes herself available to me especially when I am traveling to and from California and many other vacation spots. She helps me make the right choices and eat clean when I’m at a restaurant or making healthy choices at the grocery store.

Jan not only helped guide me during this process but she worked with my family who are my support pillars during this journey. Always there to help me make the right choices. My sister has seen my transformation during these past few months and said “you didn’t really give things up… but you learned how to eat healthy food choices because you can still eat pizza, burgers, sweet potato fries but you just have to make it from scratch.”

— Simi